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Are you looking for a quality embroidery or sewing service? Maybe you need some wedding dress alterations? Whatever the case, I will be able to help. I own and operate Cuz You Said Sew, based in Monument, CO. 

My Services 


Embroidery is the timeless technique of embellishing fabric with needlework. Whether you want more beautiful apparel for yourself or to increase awareness of your brand, you can only benefit from my embroidery service. I can help individuals enhance their style. I can also help businesses - by embroidering uniforms, custom banners, flags, hats, shirts, jackets, vests, aprons, etc. This will help promote your products and services, make the employees and managers of your company easily identifiable, boost team spirit, and provide corporate consistency. Whether you manage a sports team or a restaurant, you will find my embroidery services very useful.


Sewing Service 
I work with different types of fabric to create the custom piece of clothing you want. How the clothes fit means everything. It is the key to showing off your body in the most flattering way. Off-the-rack clothes usually mean cost-effective mass production via industrial machines, where quantity is a priority over quality. That won't be the case if you use my sewing service. I am precise and make adjustments on the spot. I use high-quality fabrics - whether they are cotton, wool, artificial fibers, blended natural fibers, silk, or something else. This, together with my expertise, results in longer-lasting clothes.


Do you have a dress, shirt, pants, vest, skirt, or another clothing item that doesn't fit you perfectly? If so, you should schedule an appointment for my clothing alteration services. I can make anything look good on you and help you “reinvent” older clothing pieces. I can ensure the perfect fit for you and tell you which pieces are worth altering and which clothes would take too much labor, time, and money to be altered. For example, I can gently mask a tiny tear in your jacket, take in a dress for you or hem your favorite pair of pants.

The Benefits

In our day and age, appearance is paramount. People do tend to judge you by the way you look, so make sure you are always on top of your game when it comes to clothing. My embroidery, sewing, and alteration services can help you get the clothes that make you look the best version of yourself.

How I Do It

I pay great attention to every little detail of each job. I can advise you on designs and materials and always work with those of them that best fit your goals and needs. My huge industry experience is a guarantee that the job will be done to your satisfaction.

Whether you are looking for embroidery design companies or a professional to make some alterations to your wedding dress, consider using my services. Cuz You Said Sew is the name of my business based in Monument, CO. Call me today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Deborah on Cuz You Said Sew
Sewing Services

My sewing project request was for a customized window seat cushion. .It had difficult specifications with the measurements, angles and my selection of upholstery fabric. The outcome was as professional & beautiful with the attention to details well thought out ahead of time. I found this professional easy to work with and had vast knowledge of sewing, her equipment & great communication skills. I highly recommend Kat for any custom sewing project you may have.

Cuz You Said Sew
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Phone: (719) 223-5026

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